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To His Mistress

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Lord and Lady Shelton


Our Hero and Heroine

Katherine Stanton, Countess of Shelton
(nee Scoville)

It takes a girl with grit to survive a hostile environment. Poor Katherine -- she is not up to the challenge. She is unsophisticated, naive, green as grass. Instead of making her curtsey at Almack's, she is buried in the country with a black-hearted knight and a dragon masquerading as a mother-in-law.

So Katherine does the impossible. She slays the dragon and turns the black knight into one of the shining armor persuasion.

Reportedly only a friend, Sir Hurst Dunsmore (can you feel the breeze behind him? It's the debutantes sighing.) hovers protectively. As she shows endless times, Katherine has the grace to alter unfavorable first impressions when circumstances demand.


Alexander Stanton, Earl of Shelton

One word explains this classically handsome man: stubborn. Once he gets an idea into his head, it takes an epiphany to change it. Beyond that, he is generous, giving freely to charity. He also has the tolerance of a dedicated saint when faced with the vagaries of the elderly. A scientist and poet at heart, Shelton would make a great reporter on the mysteries and wonders of the world for CNN, but he has to settle for being both hero and villain to his wife.


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Copyright: 2009
Second printing: 2016
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What is it with men? Let them get an idea in their head, and it turns into a piece of granite.

Look at Alexander, Lord Shelton. In an ill-considered moment, he compromises Katherine Scoville. Any other hot blooded peer of the realm would do his duty and wed her with a smile on his face, even if he had murder in his heart. Not Shelton. He decides Katherine is a slut. No way is she eligible to marry the Earl of Shelton.

Oh, he marries her, but he doesn't like it. Not one little bit.

Then he realizes that Katherine suits him to a tee. Not as a wife, but as a mistress. So Shelton goes about the intricate business of divorce in the Regency.

Just wait until Katherine figures out what Shelton is up to. You almost feel sorry for him, the way he is digging his own grave.



This book contains a strong Celtic influence in the form of the Green Man. I am fascinated with him; if only we in the 21st century understood the deity's function in ancient life, our lives would be richer. I do understand what the Green Man is doing in To His Mistress. I leave it to the reader find him and come to their own conclusions.


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. . . absolutely a roller coaster ride. . . invoking strong emotions. . . I enjoyed how the author based her story on the love of
Katherine and Lord Shelton, but the battle between the mages played a key role. . .
Delane, Coffee Time Romance and Karen Find Out About New Books

. . . very poetic at times -- such a pleasure to read. Oh yes, her love scenes throb with life and sensuality. . .
stirs such a wealth of emotions that the reader is enticed to keep turning pages. . .
The Long and Short of It

This is becoming one of my favorite series. Maura Frankman, The Romance Studio

. . . With entertaining sequences of draconian behavior and laugh-out-loud scenes of family dysfunction,
poor Katherine must weather abuse from a man she can not help loving and the mother-in-law from Hell. . .
Highly recommended.
Danielle Thorne