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Our Hero and Heroine

Margaret Treadway Hughes
(nee Ridgemont)

a pattern card Regency miss who learns to assert herself. She obeys her father's commands, but when propelled by him into an unsuitable marriage, she finds the inner strength to fight for respect. Gifted with a talent for boiling down life's absurdities to the basic, her decorating expertise is much admired.


Adrian Hughes

Having accompanied his brother to the wilds of Australia, learned the craft of magic, and returned to England, Adrian has seen more of the world than your average Regency buck. Kangaroos and aborigines taught him that there is much humor in the world, if one is only willing to look for it. If he could take up pen and ink, Hughes would probably topple Cruickshank from his throne as king of the cartoon industry. With no talent for drawing, he collects art.


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Margaret Ridgemont doesn’t like James Treadway.

James doesn't like Margaret. He would rather have an affair with Margaret’s sister.

Adrian Hughes falls in love with Margaret.

Margaret falls in love with Adrian.

Wonder who the sister likes?

But Margaret and James have to get married. Their fathers want the marriage, and that’s the way it goes in the Regency.

It'is a classic love triangle.

It’s a disaster.


It took me a while to catch the modern influences in my writing. In Thwarting Magic, the threat of global warming manifests itself as a distubance in the atmosphere. Adrian Hughes has to deal with the problem; he suffers less angst in the battle was we do today, but the pain is there.


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. . . an electrifying book that will keep you enthralled to the very end. . . a unique Regency fantasy romance, a love triangle of such realism your heart will go out to the young couple.
Betty Dravis, top 1000 reviewer for

If Georgette Heyer were still with us, I'd like to think she'd approve of this alternate Regency. . .
Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today

. . . you will find yourself going back and forth over and over again thinking you have it figured out, only to find, you might not. . .
Angi, Night Owl Romance

. . . a mix of mystery to the magic that will entice you to keep reading, wanting to know what happens next.
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