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Nominated for a Cupid & Psyche award

for excellence in romantic fantasy fiction by The Romance Studio

Lord Brinston and Lady Martha


Our Hero and Heroine

Martha Dunsmore

is the sister of the fascinating Sir Hurst Dunsmore. Puka characteristics inherited from an Irish ancestor make her susceptible to mischievous impulse. She has a strong sense of honor and champions the rights of youg misses. Those in the know applaud her witty observations on society.

Richard, Marquess of Brinston

defines himself by his varied roles in life. Son and heir to the Duke of Haverhorn, Brinston is a thrice knighted espionage expert for the government and a magician. Intensely private, he has a small circle of friends among whom he relaxes, revealing a neat sense of humor. His staunch intelligence gives Brin strong political opinions; he is known to publicly state those opinions.


Ebook ISBN: 9781370217731
Print ISBN 10: 1540856372
Print ISBN 13: 978-1540856371
Copyright: 2007
Second Printing: 2016
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Martha Dunsmore has a propensity for trouble. Trouble she finds. Wandering in the dark, someone smacks her on the forehead with a glass of brandy.

Oh horrors, military secrets are stolen.

There's a traitor to trap!

Clandestine magician, spymaster, heir to a duke, Lord Brinston will catch the traitor -- that is, if he can find a closet to lock Martha in. Convincing her that espionage should be left to the male strains his patience. Why can't he ignore the blasted woman? Hah.

Martha is determined to find the missing papers.

With madness and the Banshee Brigade running rampant, will love convince the feisty heroine that magic can be hers?


A twenty-first century element seems to creep into my books -- a different one in each story. For Round Table Magician, Edward Snowden and his ilk make trouble.

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. . . bright and fun and everything Regency. . . Maura Frankman, The Romance Studio

. . . an original and fresh twist. . . Meme, Coffee Time Romance

. . . Those who feared that the Regency genre might be dead need not worry.
It is kept alive and healthy by such authors as this who employ their fertile
imaginations to reinvent the world. . . Amanda Kilgore, Huntress Reviews