Proposed cover for the unpublished Keeper of the Grail

The newest offering in the Banshee Brigade series


The cup believed to be the Holy Grail


This is the cup many believe to be the Holy Grail. It is in a church in Spail, sitting atop a more elaborate holder which would have been a later addition to the piece. When the pope visited, he used the cup for communion.



Our Hero and Heroine

Sarah Frampton

a martyr to her family.

1) Father sniffs this white stuff and becomes unreasonable.
2) Aunt dithers.
3) Spoiled sister has attached herself to the Banshee Brigade.
4) Brother has absconded with a valuable painting.


Sir Sloane Johnstone

Talk about having too much to do -- if Sloane takes on one more task, he might explode. Will he ever slow down?

It doesn't seem likely. You know these Type A personalities;
if he is needed, he will do his best to answer the call. He does have his priorities straight. They are:

1) Sarah
2) the boy
3) the Grail
4) everything else

Which is as it should be.


Copyright: 2017

Sir Sloane Johnstone, Keeper of the Grail, runs circles around the Banshee Brigade and grapples with a challenger to his title, all the time keeping a weather eye out for Sarah Frampton's missing Fra Angelico painting. Can he, perchance, admire a bossy woman?

What is this Keeper of the Grail nonsense? It is just what you would imagine. The grail is in the Tower of London and Sloane is in charge of it. Very important position, darling, don't you know.


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