Ann Tracy Marr

Dear Cancer

author and breast cancer survivor

Triple Negative breast cancer

Because it tends to be aggressive and there are fewer treatment options, those with a triple negative cancer diagnosis often receive the maximum chemotherapy and the most radiation.

What they don’t get is a lot of hope.

Ann Tracy Marr suffered from triple negative breast cancer. To keep her head above water during treatment, she questioned medical personnel, read, and combed the Internet to figure out what was going on and what to expect. Treatment is complex with lots of options and choices, some made by the doctors, others by the patients. So she didn't get lost in the details, Marr wrote this diary – a mix of personal experience and medical ABCs.

This book offers hope and tools to fight a killer. Feedback from readers indicates Dear Cancer is very helpful to those people who are caring for someone going through cancer treatment. I am told the book helps them understand the issues and gives great advice for dealing with things. One woman said I was her hero -- reading the book helped her understand what her sister was going through. Understanding made all the difference to her.


The grayed words on the left side of the cover are a listing in chronological order of the medical tests and procedures the author experienced and research she undertook in the process of diagnosing and treating her triple negative breast tumors. Yes, it began and ended with a mammogram.


I didn't go into reconstruction of the breast. If you are interested in the subject, click this paragraph. It's a link that will take you to a book site that covers the subject thoroughly.













Experience what happens in surgery, chemo rooms, and radiation labs.

Know what a biopsy feels like and what to expect from a chest port.

Recognize side effects and have tips for dealing with them.

Know what Neulasta is and what it can do.

Bone up on some of the latest research.

And so much more...

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Marr in one of her chemo shirts

Marr in one of her chemo shirts


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I think the book will help patients immensely as they will have a general sense of what to expect.
This is unlike any other book on cancer I have seen or read and it is refreshingly well written!

The author’s radiation oncologist

The book is a treasure in which the reader laughs and cries with the author
and I applaud that Ms. Marr can truly call herself a cancer survivor.

Susan Roebuck, writer and breast cancer survivor